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Musa International

Established in 2015 in Italy. Our first office is located in Palermo, Italy, and the second in Kiev, Ukraine.
We are international promotional artistic company, currently representing over 500 artists. Our strength is our international partners from all over the world: foundations, museums, galleries, art fairs.  Currently we have 8 editions in circulation and 3 annual projects.
Our goal is to provide a stage for the remarkable visual artist, who can with our help publish, exhibit, win awards, boost their resume and become established within a notable network.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about art and we approach what we do with enthusiasm. We are dedicated to the artists we represent and we are always looking to expand our services, keep developing and propose new and interesting projects. We believe in hard work and kindness and quality. For us, art is not only a beautiful creative and expressive outlet, but we look at art as a vital necessity in making the world a better place.

Membership for Artists

All artists working in all visual media can apply to become our member.
And enjoy a list of important benefits.

Our Partners