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Giovanna Orlacchio attended the Artistic High School graduating in the Accademia section, at the same time she followed a  multi-year private course on oil painting on canvas. She undertook experimentation on several pictorial supports and dedicates herself to the painting on fabric making works on commission in the world of fashion according to the taste and the tendency of the time. She got a degree in Modern Literature focusing on the study of artistic history.

She concluded  the course with a thesis on the theory of restoration. She is a certified teacher in Latin Literature and Art History. At the same time she doesn’t give up with the original fascination for plastic-pictorial art and she gave voice, through various techniques,  to emotional impressions and feelings from reflections and landscapes.

She has been teaching for several years and subsequently came to the disciplines that combine psychology and art and graduates with a three-year course in Art Therapy with a final thesis on contemporary art languages in treating awkward teenagers . She collaborate with a prestigious Interior Design Studio of her city with which she designed a modular painting style that is kept up with the latest furniture designs and meets the needs of the custome.