Printed in Italy in deluxe quality

22x24 cm with hard cover

Translated in 3 languages, Italian, English and Russian

Officially presented in the largest cities of Europe

WE CONTEMPORARY “The faces of contemporary art”, is a annual prestigious international art volume containing the works of worldwide contemporary artists.

In circulation for over 4 years, the catalog favors the maximum visibility to the artist in the panorama of contemporary art, thanks to the collaboration with organizations, foundations and art associations from different countries.

Guide irreplaceable for Artists, art managers, gallerists, collectors, curators and art lovers.

The catalog have had the succes for 4 years, was officially presented in the cities like: Milan, Rome, Paris, Kyiv.

For 2 last years the catalog has also the collateral artshow

WE CONTEMPORARY ARTSHOW, that is very popular and appreciated by the artists and the visitors.

This project is our annul selection of the artists, to present them to the contemporary art world.


At the opening October 12, held at Museum of Jobs Foundation was present:

Lika Spivakovska – Gallerist, Founder Spivakovska Art Ego Culture Center
Natalia Gryniuk – Curator, President Musa International Art Space
Giuseppe Forello – President of Jobs Foundation
Enrico Anello – Architect, Founder Adelfio & Anello Architetti

Alla Volskaya – Embassy of Ukraine in Italy, Rome.

Cocktail party by Castello Lanza di Trabia
Music by Jazz Duo


The Jobs Foundation is born from the desire of manger and entrepreneur Giuseppe Forello to create a space to host, preserve and showcase the world’s largest collection of prototypes, machines, materials and documentation related to IT technology. The collection consists of over 4,000 original pieces and to considered one of the most complete in the world. With one precise and great vision in mind: to inform the public about the origins of our technological age, from the first Apple, Amiga and Olivetti prototypes up to the latest Intel processors. Alongside this collection of “machines”, we have placed a permanent exhibition of art created by world famous artists together with young and innovative talents. A dialogue, that which exist between IT archaeology and contemporary art, that has served as an inspiration and produced new visual languages, through an aesthetic development known as Technomorphism.

The Jobs Foundation has established its headquarters in Palermo’s Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia, a place of fundamental importance -for the city and for the whole Sicily- in the history of local cultures and identities, structure of gear architectonic value and infinite beauty that has already hosted several retrospectives, exhibitions, happenings and conferences.

The Jobs Foundation has recently acquired new spaces in the Palazzo Castrone di Santa Ninfa museum area, located directly opposite Palermo’s Cathedral in Corso Vittorio Emanuele and is, therefore, in the heart of the city’s Arab-Norman itinerary, the crowing glory of Palermo, Capital of Culture 2018.

From the history and philosophy of computer science to contemporary art working with new languages and new media- to be made accessible to the public and the all those value communities that will pass through Manifesta 12 attracted by the city and by the most innovative artistic trends, all in keeping with local vision seeking to promote Sicily’s artistic and cultural resources.


Inside of WE CONTEMPORARY 2018
Who, more than a collector, participates in culture? Probably no one.
Collectors visit exhibitions and museums; attending galleries, fairs and ateliers;
They buy the books, catalogs, magazines and above all … buy artworks!
When it comes to contemporary art, we always say “just buy what you love”.
Sometimes, however, seeing what others buy can help you discover new artists, whose works You might otherwise not consider it.
We meet 15 artists who have be choosen and proven to be favorites by our collectors.
In this edition 15 contemporary artists open the doors of their world, their study and their lives.
Collectors recommend them as “MUST HAVE” and lead the dialogue that makes understand and appreciate not only the artworks proposed, but also the artist himself.
For a professional artist who wants to communicate the right message to potential buyers, galleries, curators and art lovers.