Printed in Italy in deluxe quality

22x24 cm with hard cover

Translated in 3 languages, Italian, English and Russian

Officially presented in the largest cities of Europe

WE CONTEMPORARY “The faces of contemporary art”, is a annual prestigious international art volume containing the works of worldwide contemporary artists.

In circulation for over 5 years, the catalog favors the maximum visibility to the artist in the panorama of contemporary art, thanks to the collaboration with organizations, foundations and art associations from different countries.

Guide irreplaceable for Artists, art managers, gallerists, collectors, curators and art lovers.

The catalog have had the succes for 5 years, was officially presented in the cities like: Milan, Rome, Paris, Kyiv and Palermo

For 3 last years the catalog has also the collateral artshow

WE CONTEMPORARY ARTSHOW, that is very popular and appreciated by the artists and the visitors.

This project is our annul selection of the artists, to present them to the contemporary art world.


December 5, 2019 – Opening of We Contemporary Art Show

in collaboration with Art Consulting BRNO Auction House
Topic Salon

Auction company Art Consulting Brno – Prague has almost 30 years of experience in organizing auctions and exhibitions of paintings by important painters of classical, modern and contemporary art, which take place regularly in Prague, Brno and other cities of our republic, also abroad.The exhibitions take place at regular intervals, particularly in the permanent spaces of the galleries.
Among the many successful exhibitions, we remember the authors in the traditional artistic spaces of the famous Topic Salon, where the company has its headquarters, dedicated for example to Hugo Demartini, Čestmír Kafka, Otakar Slavík, Viktor Hulík, Vladimír Kokoli and others.
However, the main activities of the company include the organization of auctions of paintings and objects of artistic interest in Prague.The auctions take place in the great hall of the Topic Salon and meet a growing interest from collectors and investors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

History of the Topic Salon dates back to 1894, when it began to serve as an exhibition hall and a shop of Topic publishing house. Throughout history, it have been several times closed and than again reopened. Last reopening of the Topic Salon was after an extensive reconstruction in 2008. Topic salon is currently used for the presentation of contemporary Czech art.

This gallery is located on Národní Avenue in a building with a gorgeous Art Nouveau facade with coloured stained glass windows, mosaics, and figural and floral stucco details. The Topič Salon Association carries on a tradition which dates back to 1894. The current programme is focused on significant personalities of the Czech creative scene and draws to the forefront those artists who possess indisputable qualities but are, for various reasons, undeservedly neglected. The gallery also offers space to the upcoming artistic generation, and hosts discussions, lectures, literary evenings, and theatre and music productions.