Printed in Italy in deluxe quality

22x24 cm with hard cover

Translated in 3 languages, Italian, English and Russian

Officially presented in the largest cities of Europe

WE CONTEMPORARY “The faces of contemporary art”, is a annual prestigious international art volume containing the works of worldwide contemporary artists.

In circulation for over 4 years, the catalog favors the maximum visibility to the artist in the panorama of contemporary art, thanks to the collaboration with organizations, foundations and art associations from different countries.

Guide irreplaceable for Artists, art managers, gallerists, collectors, curators and art lovers.

The catalog have had the succes for 4 years, was officially presented in the cities like: Milan, Rome, Paris, Kyiv.

For 2 last years the catalog has also the collateral artshow

WE CONTEMPORARY ARTSHOW, that is very popular and appreciated by the artists and the visitors.

This project is our annul selection of the artists, to present them to the contemporary art world.

Edition 2017 was connected to the group exhibition in the prestigious halls of the Palazzo
Velli Expo in the heart of Trastevere, in Rome and a series of events that will last 3 days.

October 26 at the presentation of the WE Contemporary Art Catalog 2017 volume

Special Edition and opening of the We Contemporary Art Show 2017 was present:
Daniele Cocchiara Ferrara – Architect, restorer, collector.
Giovanni Serradifalco – Editor, founder of Serradifalco Editore
Lika Spivakovska – Founder Spivakovska Art Ego Culture center, gallerist.
Luisa Briganti – President of the Experimental Center of Photography in Rome
Natalia Gryniuk – President Musa Intenational Art Space
Alessandro Alessandra – Director Palazzo Velli Expo

October 27 – Workshop with the Collector entitled “Buy contemporary art.
The 10 “recommended rules ”
Presentation of the Community magazine
Business Magazine, the number is dedicated to Ukraine,
with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Italy.

October 28 – Photography Workshop “Tettiti in posa”
with the support of the Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia di Roma

Palazzo Velli is an interdisciplinary and multifunctional exhibition space in the enchanting setting of the Trastevere district.

Located in the heart of Rome, Palazzo Velli Expo is a historic Roman residence built at the end of the fourteenth century. In 1970 the restoration work, carried out in respect of materials, techniques and colors of the fifteenth century, has allowed Palazzo Velli to characterize itself as a structure full of historical and artistic elements, with at the same time all the facilities and the essential technological aspects. to define it today as a multifunctional space ideal for hosting events such as: exhibitions, conferences, exhibitions, company presentations and exclusive advertising operations.

In tune with what happens in the major European capitals, the Palace has been conceived as a cultural space full of historical and artistic suggestions. A center in continuous evolution and growth that offers visitors refined projects of young and established artists and, for customers, technological standards of excellence suitable for the realization of any type of event, including commercial. From art exhibitions to film festivals, from theater to photography, from music to the presentation of books, Palazzo Velli is today a unique reality representative of the urban reality of the center of Trastevere.