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The project Woman’s Essence created to give visibility, makes known to public and support women in contemporary art.
The project represents the contemporary women artists who break down barriers and from the role of passive representation object and inspiration goes to the active as an able artist to express creativity in the light of particular sensitivity, image of the “other” Art.


Woman’s Essence project was founded by Natalia Gryniuk in 2015. Now 6 successful editions of the project have been carried out in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Rome and important collaborations as: UNESCO, 58th Biennale di Venezia, PONS Foundation, JOBS Foundation, Espace Commines, BRNO Auction House, Gallery 24B. In recent years, more than 250 female artists from all over the world have participated in the project. The selected artists, in addition to exhibiting their works, receive the annual prize WAA Woman’s Art Award established by Musa International.

Woman Art Award 2023

The Woman Art Award  is a worldwide contemporary art prize created to discover, recognise and give support to a women artists. The Prize aims to make a major contribution to the careers of artists involved in the dynamic cultural development of societies in transition, and give a voice to women artists and their issues that would otherwise remain silent.

Berlin Art Scene

Art aficionados will be truly spoilt for choice in Berlin. Home to hundreds of galleries, scores of world-class collections and thousands of international artists, the city has assumed a pole position on the global artistic circuit. Its main contemporary art showcase is the Hamburger Bahnhof, a vast museum housed in a former railway station whose loft and grandeur are the perfect foil for this top-notch collection of paintings, installations, sculptures and video. If you’d prefer something even more Berlin-centric, try Urban Nation in Schöneberg. A relative newcomer to Berlin’s array of galleries, this street art celebration turns the concept of a museum on its head and celebrates art in a unique way.


Gallery Weekend Berlin has established itself as a highlight in the art calendar, celebrating Berlin’s galleries and artist:ins with its unique format that combines high-profile exhibitions and the experience of city and gallery space. Every spring, around Berlin galleries open exhibitions by young and established artists and welcome numerous visitors:inside from all over the world. More than ever, Gallery Weekend is characterized by the strong cohesion and close cooperation among Berlin’s galleries and strengthens the gallery location, which is dedicated to supporting and sustainably building up artists:inside.

Edition 2023 will be held on 28-30 April.

LABO 6/2 Gallery is an oasis that unites art and everyday life.
Here you can attend workshops, events and exhibitions.
Was open in 2019

September / October 2019 / Vernissage, Anna Ugryumova ,Splash of Colors”
November 2019 Vernissage “Synthesis” by Simona Forell
December 2019- Jan 2020 Photo Exposition “Around me” by Natascha Paulick
June 2021 Weekend by Womanas
April – Mai 2022 Vernissage “More than a simple line” by French artist Askthedust
July 2022 Jakata Content Creator Community – by Indonesian Ambassy
October 2022 – Creative evening “White List” Poet Ida
November 2022 Charity Art Auction – “Art saves Ukraine”

Are you the Woman Artist? For the selections in the project, please send us 5 photos of your artworks, your curriculum at info@musaartspace.com

Critical text for Woman’s Essence 2023 will be curated by
Lika Spivakovska.

  • Ukrainian Gallerist, art writer, curator.
  • Art education: Sotheby’s Institute of Art New York.
  • Founder of Spivakovska Art Ego Gallery
  • Editor in chief of ARTNEWS.ONE
  • CEO Mandarin Maison Art Gallery

Author of many successful books.
Recently posted in The New York Times.

In total, over 100,000 people have signed up for Lika and her resources. Lika is a frequent guest on TV channels in business programs, programs devoted to creativity, art, fashion and beauty. Over the past year, more than 20 programs have appeared in Ukraine with her participation as the main guest of the studio, over 200 publications in print media and glossy magazines, and over 500 publications in online publications. Lika also conducts lectures and master classes on art, motivation, business strategies and capacity development.